Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer TV Season

Summer is really starting to be the best season for TV. So many shows, so little time: True Blood, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Big Brother, Project Runway, and Curb Your Enthusiasm are all back for a new season.

Thank god I have a TiVo.


Amber said...

Game of Thrones was amazing, can't wait until you get to see it. I'm in love with Dr. Who and Torchwood of course. Someone recommended The Misfits on BBC. Oooooh, the BBC/Masterpiece theater version of Sherlock Holmes was great (and on Netflix instant download last I checked)and I highly recommend it for it's campy modern cheesy throwback goodness. And Martin Freeman, I love him. Plus, the main actor's name is Benedict Cumberbatch and how can you resist a name like that?

I didn't realize Breaking Bad was coming back, finally. Too bad about Mad Men not coming back until next year. But clearly that would be too much for the poor Tivo.

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